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Is it necessary to provide identification at a bookmaker?

You must have received emails or alerts in the recent few weeks to verify your account while signing in to your bookmaker, casino, bingo, or online poker site. In reality, identity verification has been mandated from April 1, 2019, and several bookies have introduced incentives for their users to prove their identities, such as free bonuses for players who verify their accounts. But what exactly is identity verification, why is it necessary, and how should it be carried out? Let us now address the concerns of confirming betting accounts.

What exactly is identity verification?

Identity verification is a requirement imposed by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) to safeguard players and prevent fraud in online gambling, a rapidly increasing industry in our nation. When we register with a betting house, we must provide certain personal information such as our name and surname, as well as the number of our DNI or NIE. The goal of identity verification is to ensure that the registration data matches the user's personal information. In other words, you did not invent them and did not register under a false name.

Is it necessary for me to validate my account?

Although account verification has been required since April 1, 2019, we may continue to gamble or play at our favorite online bitcoin casino software as if nothing has changed... except at two critical points for any player. The first of these is to make deposits exceeding €150, a number necessary to access various welcome bonuses, however it is also true that some bookmakers or casinos have decreased their offers to force consumers to spend less than this amount.

The withdrawal of funds is the second occasion when your account must be validated. You cannot request withdrawals if your account has not been validated. The only way for online gambling companies to ensure that the identity of the individual seeking the withdrawal matches that of the registered player is through verification. In the meanwhile, bookies and internet casinos have their own processes in place to ensure that money does not end up in the hands of other parties.

How to Confirm Your Identity

It is quite simple to verify the user's identity. Simply provide your ID or NIE to the bookmaker or online casino. To accomplish this, you must scan or photograph both sides of the ID paper in high definition and transmit it. We have two alternatives here:

  • By e-mail: you only have to attach the images of the back and front of the DNI or NIE and send them by e-mail to the e-mail address of the operator or as replies to the e-mail sent to you.

  • From your user area: from our user area we can access the verification. You only have to upload the two images of the identity document and the operator will confirm it.

After sending the documentation, the bookmaker or the online casino will check it against the data you provided at the time of registration. When they have checked it, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will be able to withdraw funds or make deposits over 150€.

Why can't I verify my identity?

Don't be impatient if you don't receive the confirmation email, as the verification process can take a few days. The fact that it takes a while does not mean that there are problems. In fact, if your identity cannot be verified, the casino or online bookmaker will contact you to solve the problem. These are the most common causes of user identity verification problems:

  • Invalid format: images in JPG, PNG or even PDF format do not cause problems, but if you sent them in another format they may be unreadable, and cannot be verified.

  • Cut or poor quality image: if a piece of the document has been cut during scanning or the photo has low light or poor resolution that makes it difficult to read, the account cannot be verified.

  • Expired document: they will not be able to verify your identity if the DNI or NIE is expired or even if it expires a few days after you send it.

As you can see, these are small details that can be easily solved. Make sure you send a legible document and in a usual format, which has not been modified or edited to avoid suspicions and problems. If they cannot verify your account, you will have to resend the image of the DNI or NIE with that problem solved: better quality or definition, in a usual format, that the whole document is visible, etc.

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